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Hello, reader! My name is Barbara Denvers. I am the author of this GreyhoundPetsJax blog. Maybe I don’t have to mention that, but I just adore Greyhound dogs. Right now, I have three of them happily living with me)

My blog is all about the Greyhound breed. These dogs are not that easy to live with. Still, they will be your best friends if you behave right with them. Here I can help you for sure! The idea of the web page is to make my readers aware of every aspect of this lovely breed. I am trying to cover all the questions that may occur.

Here, you can find everything that relates to the Greyhound breed: starting from the history of it and ending with the attitude you need to have toward these dogs. As I am a pet owner myself, I can tell you the main points you should keep in mind while deciding to get this dog to your house.

The Greyhound dogs are amazingly friendly, but only to their owners. You have to train them well to become the best friend or a parent to your new pet. Don’t be scared of adding to your life a Greyhound dog. I will support you in it!

I am happy to hold this blog as I just adore these dogs. It is a great pleasure to share the knowledge I have with you! To find out more about the page, you are welcome to my blog!

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